Mark 3: Assault


When selecting a Rail option, please select either a M-LOK Rail or a Quad Rail and select the ‘None’ option on the rail that you do not want.


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Chambered in 7.62x39mm with a 16-inch Bear Creek Arsenal Black Nitride Bear Claw Fluted Heavy Barrel with a 1:10 twist and a carbine length gas system. The 16-inch barrel provides a carbine length sized package that shoots the same round as an AK-47. We suggest the typical steel case 123 grain ammo. If you want a reliable, accurate weapon that can use cheap ammo that can be bought in bulk this is what you want.

Additional information

M-LOK Rails

None (select if selecting a Quad Rail), Bravo 7.5-inch, Bravo 10.5-inch, Bravo 15-inch (raw aluminum), Midwest Industries 8-inch, Midwest Industries 10-inch, Midwest Industries-11.5 inch, Midwest Industries 15-inch

Quad Rails

None (select if selecting an M-LOK Rail), 8-inch Quad Rail, 10-inch Quad Rail, 12-inch Quad Rail, 15-inch Quad Rail